Updated: Jun 6, 2018

So, If you are anything like me, I end up standing while I eat because its when I come home from work we have practice in one hour! That is ok to stand, because a meal is made! Andrew and I have 4 kiddos all playing multiple sports or activities. If I do not have meals prepped for the week, I only see the Wendy's employee at the pick up window or a bag of Tyson Chicken nuggets. I love all those things...and my kids like it more! However, my body likes food that fuels me, not drags me down. The picture below is what my Sunday looked liked. I made: Chicken Picatta, Meatloaf, Turkey Tacos, & Stuffed Peppers. BTW, the answer is kids will not eat stuffed peppers! So, I then pull out the Tyson Chicken Nuggets! This lets me pull items out of the frig and right in the oven! Katie Heublein, I only go to the store once a week...YES!!! #mealprep


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