Saint Lucia

As we visited amazing Saint Lucia with friends, I felt the need to talk about flavor. I’d be just plain wrong if I did not share my experience. From the coconut shrimp to the flavors of guava and my husbands favorite, Barron’s Hot Sauce! That is what he and I are covered in this picture I posted! He squeezed it out of a bottle and not only did he drench me and my plate, but my hair, shirt and himself! Sometimes flavor comes at an extra cost @theado_andrew . Really though, the flavors of the Caribbean left me inspired. I can hardly call myself a food blogger. Yet, I guess when you stand and watch a native of Saint Lucia cook flavors and mix food with such grace and ease, I can’t help but feel inspired. I read food magazines the whole way home and not one of those could teach me the amazing skill Lucilla had! She cooked like I do! Not a recipe to follow, just all heart! It’s art! I shared with my friends on vacation my acceptance into the culinary institute of America. My scholarship was shortly passed down fast at the age of 18. My mom thank god, told me I would probably never experience the things I wanted in life. She was so fact, you learn a great deal from such an amazing institute. However, sometimes you find education in the more simplistic way. Watching a native cook in front of me with only what was available at the market and making it a masterpiece! I hope I too can bring you all the flavors of food in my cooking classes!!!

Barron's Hot Sauce


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