Marinara Sauce - Don't Forget The Rine

You asked me what I love to cook and I said everything, but I have been on a Mexican roll. Well, not tonight...homemade marinara, meatballs and Marsala sauce. My Mama Marlene had her hip replaced right before our 18 hour drive to the beach! So, since Italian is my core, I felt the need to feed her what she taught growing up. So, now that she is post surgery I can cater to her! @truxit thank you for always letting me cook in your kitchen! Little tip...always put the rind of your Parmesan cheese in your sauce. Also, when I make marinara I always use whole peeled San Marzano Tomatoes. Last tip...3 tablespoons of red vinegar! I’ll teach you how to make this sauce! I’m welcoming 4 students into my home to cook with me....who is in?!?!


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